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ggplot2 is a very powerful plotting package available in R, but sometimes you just want more: maybe you want to want to make your plots more accessible to colour-blind audiences. Or maybe you just don’t like the included themes. Or maybe you just want more colour in your life like some of the students coming […]

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When data are imported into R it generally arrives as a data.frame, a type of object that contains named columns. We often want to access the contents of each column which can be done with the dollar or square-bracket notation. attach() is used by some R-users to make the columns of a data.frame directly accessible […]

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Avoid using T to mean TRUE

In R code, it is legal to use T and F to mean TRUE and FALSE respectively. However, TRUE and FALSE are reserved words – they can only be used to mean TRUE or FALSE. Code like will return a syntax error. T and F are not so protected. This means that code like is […]

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Here is a guide for the kind of person who needs to get their data into R and have never done so or are struggling to get their data to load. I’ve tried to explain using simple words and lots of detail – the post is aimed at people who are not comfortable with code, […]

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