About codeRclub

codeRclub is based on the R user group at UC Davis.

We meet most Friday afternoons during term time at 14:00 (see calendar) where users come to work on their own projects, help each other, and get help for two hours.

We focus on R coding and implementation problems rather than on choosing statistical approaches for analysing data (we don’t want to conflict with anyone’s supervisor!).

We meet in the EECRG lunchroom, fourth floor Biology A building, Thormøhlensgate 53A.

codeRclub is open to all who can navigate the security system on the Department of Biology’s doors (ask for help at reception if you cannot get in). If there are many users wanting help, members of the Department of Biology, or external users who have brought biscuits, will be given priority.

codeRclub is supported by the bioCEED Centre of Excellence in Biology Education at the Department of Biology, University of Bergen.

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